List of Village Names and Postcode in Bayat Subdistrict, Klaten Regency, Central Java

Peta kecamatan bayat

Bayat  is one of the names of sub-districts in Klaten Regency, Central Java Province which borders Gunung Kidul and Yogyakarta in the south. 

The district of Bayat consists of 18 villages with an area of ​​approximately 39.43 km². 

The following is a list of names of villages or sub-districts located in Kecamatan Bayat: 

    1. Banyuripan Village (Postal Code: 57462) 
    2. Beluk Village (Postal Code: 57462)
    3. Bogem Village (Postal Code: 57462)
    4. Desa Dukuh (Postal Code: 57462) 
    5. Gunung Gajah Village (Postal Code: 57462)
    6. Jambakan Village (Postal Code: 57462)
    7. Desa Jarum (Postal Code: 57462)
    8. Desa Jotangan (Postal Code: 57462)
    9. Kebon Village (Postal Code: 57462)
    10. Krakitan Village (Postal Code: 57462) 
    11. Krikilan Village (Postal Code: 57462) 
    12. Desa Nengah (Postal Code: 57462) 
    13. Ngerangan Village (Postal Code: 57462)
    14. Desa Paseban (Postal Code: 57462)
    15. Talang Village (Postal Code: 57462)
    16. Desa Tawangrejo (Postal Code: 57462)
    17. Tegalrejo Village (Postal Code: 57462)
    18. Desa Wiro (Postal Code: 57462) 


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