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Kelebihan Beriklan Di VisitKlatenCom

For residents of Klaten and those outside of Klaten, on the occasion, please allow us to offer an advertising service on the VisitKlaten.Com website. 

Given the growing development of technology, VisitKlaten.Com offers a service that may be of interest to help business activists in the cities of Klaten and those outside of Klaten to market their goods or services. 

Please allow us to explain the advantages of using the VisitKlaten.Com web to advertise 

1. Opportunities for the first page on Google search will be greater 

With a domain name that is quite right for the Klaten region, then for business activists in the Klaten region then the opportunity will be even greater to occupy the top number in Google search results. 

Of course that will make the greater the chance of your ad to be seen and closing.

Here are some examples of results that have been entered on the first page of Google search and some even occupy positions no. 1.2 and 3. 

iklan klaten iklan google ATTACHMENT DETAILS bisnis-klaten.jpg March 16, 2019 79 KB 750 by 422 pixels Edit Image Delete Permanently URL Title bisnis klaten halaman pertama google halaman pertama google halaman pertama google


2. There is an icon on the map 

One interesting feature on the VisitKlaten.Com website is the listing or ad that has been published and has been inputted by the location, it will automatically appear an icon on the map on the home page and also on several other pages on VisitKlaten.Com web, enough interesting isn’t it?

With this icon it is expected that it will help prospective buyers to see the location or place of the advertised item. Here we give an example 

fitur peta


3. There is a Featured Feature 

With the fetured feature, the ad will automatically be on the VisitKlaten.Com home web page and occupy the first number in each related category. 

fitur featured fitur featured visitklatencom


Those are some advantages when placing advertisements on VisitKlaten.Com web. If you are interested or just want to ask questions please chat 0823 1411 6553 0823 1411 6553 (WA only) or please send the image and its description to the

Or please stop by my hut in pluneng village, if you don’t already know, please search the google map with the keyword , God willing, there will be warm tea or coffee as well as a little snack to bond the hospitality. 

Oh yeah, I attached a screenshot of one of the users of the service

bukti klien

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