The Enchantment of Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Plantation Tourism

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Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Garden is one of the tourist attractions in Karanganyar Regency with a very affordable entrance ticket, precisely at Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar, Central Java. Why is it very affordable, because if you want to visit the yellow tea garden is free of charge or in other words Free only pay for motorbike or car parking fees. however, there are certain rates if you want to do outbound activities that have been provided in the yellow tea plantation area.

Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Garden is one of the most popular places for residents not only around Karanganyar but not a few who come from outside Karanganyar. This garden is located under the slope or foot of Mount Lawu which is a natural agro tourism. The air temperature in the yellow tea garden is quite cold, which is approximately 21.5 centigrade because of its location on the mountain foot.


Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Garden can be a tourist destination that is perfect for those of you who want to vacation in the mountains with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the cool air, hunting photos or pictures set in the background of mountains and tea gardens. In the Kemuning Tea Plantation area there are several good location points for photo hunting and selfies that can be shared on social media. However, the point that is quite popular is Kali Pucung because it has a variety of games and facilities rather than other locations. So, Kali Pucung can be a recommendation for those of you who are planning a vacation or weekend with their family, friends or partners here.

As in most tourist attractions, kemuning tea gardens are also almost the same namely visitors who come on weekends or during holidays will be more compared to ordinary days. Karanganyar yellow tea garden is located at Ngargoyoso Kemuning Street, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java 57794. If you want to go to the location can be reached from any direction. Access road to get to the location is quite easy including from the direction of Wonogiri, Sragen, Jogja, Klaten, Boyolali and others. However, the terrain is winding and up and down like typical mountain or hill characteristics in general so please be careful – when the road goes up or down make sure the brakes and engine are in good condition.


The karanganyar yellow tea garden has an amazing natural panorama. Visitors will be presented with a green expanse of tea gardens as far as the eye can see which can calm the soul and refresh vision. The width of the main road is approximately 5 meters so visitors will feel closeness to nature and also more intimate. Visitors will see the mist that houses the area.

In the area of ​​Kemuning Tea Plantation, visitors don’t just look at the scenery, take pictures or just take a walk. However, visitors can also do other outbound or outdoor sports activities such as biking, camping and so on. There are several eating places that provide services for visitors who like challenging or outbound sports. Not only can you eat accompanied by the beautiful charm of the yellow tea garden area, but there are also several outbound facilities and other outdoor activities such as flying fox, ATV, Paint Ball to paragliding. An area of ​​up to 500 m² has been provided for visitors who want to play or ride an ATV. The visitors who visit and try ATV will feel a variety of terrain from the usual, muddy to bumpy. Flying Fox has a height of up to 9 meters. The route that is passed has a length of approximately approximately 70 meters. Group packages for paintball are available, one group consists of a maximum of 10 people.

There are facilities that have been provided around the Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Plantation including the number of Hotels / Lodging, a large Parking Area, a lot of places to eat with a variety of choices of archipelago menus, places of worship, souvenirs of the region, etc.

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